Wuqu' Kawoq- Maya Health Alliance

Santiago Sacatepequez, Guatemala

--Partnered 2015 to Present--

Wuqu' Kawoq is a non-governmental organization that provides quality healthcare to its people. This organization, much like GlobeMed, addresses and attempts to overcome barriers to health such as language and culture.  They are able to infuse medicine and their solutions to these healthcare hindrances to become "the first and only health organization in Guatemala that provides high-quality healthcare in Mayan languages". Their diverse team of physicians, doctors, linguistics, community health care workers, etc. help contribute to this unique catering aspect of their program. Chronic malnutrition and clean water access are a few of Wuqu Kawoq's focuses.

Clínica Ana Manganaro (CAM) 

Guarjila, Chalatenango, El salvador

--Partnered 2009 to 2015--


Health is a fundamental human right. Clínica Ana Manganaro (CAM), our chapter's very first partner, is a champion of this cause. The dedicated clinic staff works daily to provide holistic health care to its community and surrounding area. While the current climate of health policy in El Salvador is shifting for the better, Clínica Ana Manganaro has always functioned for the cause even in the midst of the violent twelve year civil war that changed the country forever. Such strong resolve to provide health, even in the most difficult of times, is a mission that CAM hopes to spread by providing a wide range of services including primary health care, physical therapy, educational outreach for preventative healthcare, and water sanitation projects. By implementing many different health initiatives in the community of Guarjila, the clinic works to ensure healthy living practices, promote environmental health, and help provide clean water. 

Five Grassroots Onsite Work (GROW) teams have visited CAM in order to foster our relationship with them, and each trip was immensely successful.